Upgrade Key On Keyboard Meaning Improve Better Or Update

Upgrade Key On Keyboard Meaning Improve Better Or Update

Who are the 3-5 people that you spend the most time with, in person or online?  What are the 3-5 shows that you watch the most? What are the 3-5 blogs, business pages, or podcasts that you follow the most?

Your answer to those questions just might determine if you need to make some upgrades or if your front row is just fine.

So what is your front row exactly? Your front row is the 3-5 people, places or things where you are spending most of your energy. These are the influencers in your life, they aren’t the reason your life is the way it is, but they have played a huge part in your mental shaping of what you think you life should look like. This is why it so important for this area to be evaluated at least every six months and for you to always be conscious of who you are sharing energy with.

How do you know if you front row needs to be upgraded?

  1. Your life feels heavy.
  2. You feel like you’ve outgrown the people, places or things that you encounter each day.
  3. When you get around certain people or situations you end up leaving with a headache.

And the list goes on. Basically, you know it’s time to upgrade if your life feels worse, not better after.

How do you change your front row? Well you raise the rent!

  1. Replace news shows and negative social media feeds with positive ones. – *side note: being informed is not the same thing as being inundated, you can be informed about what’s going on in the world, but you don’t have to keep watching the negativity on replay. Watching a topic once or twice gets the job done. If you aren’t coming up with positive solutions after watching something, shut it down.*
  2. Hang around people who appear to have the life you’re aiming for. – When you do this, the people that aren’t on this path will either ‘boss up’ or fall by the wayside.  You won’t necessarily have to eliminate or delete most. When they see you going in a different direction they often fall off by themselves.
  3. Begin reading positive, uplifting material. – Reading books like “Think and Grow Rich”, “The Success Factor” or “Abundance Now” will help you to begin thinking in a whole new way. Change your mindset about reading, yes audio is great but it’s not the same as actually reading the words. Remember that you aren’t going to “get it” the first time around, I’ve read all of those books at least twice if not more times. When you are working toward a mindset shift, it’s going to take more than one go round to get the shift.

Over to You:

Do you need to clean up your front row and raise the rent? How is your front row affecting your life? Is it positive or negative? Share your breakthroughs, questions and solutions in the Supermom’s Guide to Self-Care Facebook Group,  if you are a mom/female caregiver. Not ready for a group setting yet or not a mom, I still wanna hear your voice! Fly on over to my Facebook page, this week’s blog posting will be pinned to the top of the page. Share your ah-ha’s and questions there, I’m there everyday so I always answer back!


Peace Love & Recovery

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