There is one area that often gets left out of the self-care work and that’s money. For some reason, most think that money is this external thing with a mind of its own. But how a person handles their money will often show you their self-care gaps.

Taking care of your money is important. How are you going to fund the spa days, the housekeeper or the vacation if you don’t have the finances to do it.

I’m not a money expert, but what I do know for sure that if you don’t have a plan for your money, others will.

Use the same five foundations to get control over your finances as your self-care. It might be hard in the beginning but will pay off once you hit that goal. Be gentle with yourself. Know that it’s not going to be an overnight mindset shift.

I am going to share with you some books and resources that helped me approach my family about money to create a financial plan for our future. We still have ways to go but we are in a much brighter space now then we were 12 months ago. Making money a conversation in my home as opened up more communication and has helped to deepen our relationship. It has taken the entire responsibility off of one person, me to making it a family affair.

Doing this is going to take some muscle, especially if your family only talks money when the shit hits the fan financially. Using these resources will help to broaden not only the communication but financial knowledge your family has.

Here are some of my best financial resources:

Kate Northrup – Money a Love Story (book)

Barbara Stanny – – she has a book Overcoming Underearning and a great free Facebook group Money Monday Group

Suze Orman – – plus any book that you can get your hands on by her.

David Bach – Automatic Millionaire, Smart Couples Finish Rich + Smart Women Finish Rich

Once you start this financial journey you’ll see how your finances play a role in your overall self-care.

Practicing self-care daily will help you to feel clear and have more energy to live life to the fullest. If you are looking for a community of moms to support you along the way join me and my community of supermoms on Facebook.  I’m there daily with tips, resources, and coaching to help you live your best life now. 

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Until Next Time
Peace Love + Recovery


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